MSPs most awaited Next-gen Service Desk

DeskDay meets Innovation

Redefining Support with Instant Conversations

Skip the long IT support lines, endless emails & calls. With our chat-based Service Desk, techs and users connect in real time for swift solutions. Conversations can be tagged as ‘resolution’ for instant actionable insights. Set chats as public, private, or self-view and revisit them in sequence anytime. The chat interface also serves as a unified command center for techs, making the experience of efficient IT support at your fingertips with our chat-based service desk.

Ensure quality and accountability of your techs

Elevate the quality of your tech support with our platform’s Intelligent QA feature, tailor-made for (MSPs). Say goodbye to guesswork; now, you can set specific QA rules that align seamlessly with the individual (SLAs) for each customer. Dive deeper into the quality of service with our QA Board. At a glance, access the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores for each technician, offering insights into how effectively they address and resolve tickets for each client.

Interactive Alert & Response for MSPs & Users

Reduce escalation from users by actively notifying them about urgencies, updates, and outages without depending on external communication tools such as Teams or E-mails. Allow privileged users to respond to announcements for prompt follow-up actions.

Clutter-free experience through unified dashboard

Experience the ease of using a dynamic dashboard- simple, intuitive, and clutter-free with just the relevant data on daily ticket/tasks status. Get a real-time info on your techs’ billable status, SLA, priority, work type, timesheets, and more in a single view.

Onboard your customers  with a single click

Experience effortless onboarding with our smart Office 365 integration. Sync email IDs and passwords of your customers and their users from your domain in a single click. End-users can also instantly create tickets with UltiMate without the need for repeated logins via auto-sign-in—no more password hassles.

Where Magic elevates your techs Experience!

Service Board
Recurring Tasks
Calendar & Timesheet
Dispatch Hub

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Mark resolution in chat
Canned notes
Ticket templates
Child tickets
Ticket delegation
Resource permissions
Feedback system
White labelling