W rld’s first Cht based PSA for Modern day MSPs

Built to
  • deliver real-time conversation
  • ensure ticket quality with QA board
  • enhance customer experience
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Human-first chats, on-the-chat quick resolutions, ticket excellence, and an exceptional user experience!

Service Desk: Real-time conversations with a human touch

Get started with real-time conversations through our Chat-based Service Desk to resolve all your customer queries faster but with empathy. 

Automating quality assurance with excellence

Use our Intelligent QA for Business and Resource insights to improve your CSAT and profitability.

Connecting the dots with end-user

Delight your customers with UltiMate, our dedicated End-user application built to address all all your users IT needs.

Onboarding made easy

Onboard your customers seamlessly with just a few clicks using Office 365 integration.

Urgencies & Outages now have a new voice

With Ping, MSPs can now send messages instantly to their users regarding urgencies, updates & outages.

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